Enhanced spectral ratio on classic client

We slightly changed the functionality of the spectrum and spectral ratio buttons on www.planetserver.eu. The following explanation is just for visualization and does not have scientific significance.

The spectral ratio button (1/2) now acquires the y spectrum of the x/y ratio. This is reflected on the map as a blue point:
The user can only draw one point at the time, when clicking a new location the old point is removed. This will load the spectrum into memory for later use to calculate the x/y spectral ratio.

If you now click on the spectrum button and start clicking spectra on the map the blue point remains visible but the divisor ‘y’ spectrum has been removed from the diagram. Instead you see the red and green spectra in the diagram. These are both spectral ratios: red/blue and green/blue:

You can now also load a library spectrum together with spectral ratios:

If you now would go back to the spectral ratio button you can change the blue point. When you then return to the Spectrum button the next spectral ratios you click use the new blue point spectrum for the ratio:

In summary: this enhancement allows 1) the drawing of more than one spectral ratio and 2) combining spectral ratio’s and library spectra in the diagram.

Related console additions:

  • resetspectra() =>  reset the spectrum diagram to the initial state after loading the CRISM data. This will become a reset button in the GUI.
  • chooseratio(lon,lat) => choose y of the x/y spectral ratio (console version of the spectral ratio button)
    chooseratio() and before pressing enter move the mouse to the location you would like to use as the to-be-ratio’ed spectrum.
  • addspectrum(lon,lat) => select a spectrum and show in the diagram (console version of the spectrum button). When you have selected the to-be-ratio’ed spectrum before then the x/y ratio is shown in the diagram.
    addspectrum() and before pressing enter move the mouse to the location you would like to have a ratio.
  • noratio() => a console implementation for turning ratio off. It removes the blue point drawn with the spectral ratio button. When you then add new spectra they are not ratio’ed anymore. But the previous ratio’ed spectra are still shown.