EarthServer Project end – thanks to all involved

The EarthServer project is coming to an end. With it also its Planetary Service, aka PlanetServer.

With this post I would like to thank all those who worked to make it happen. Primarily – and alphabetically – Peter Baumann, Jelmer Oosthoek, Vikram Unnithan.

A longer list of colleagues, partners, institutions and individuals who actively helped and supported PlanetServer in various roles  is in the Partners page, under Acknowledgements.

PlanetServer will try and stay online and available to its users in forthcoming months. For updates, please refer to Twitter.

In any case, all code developed by and within the Service within the project is going to be available (GPL) on GitHub.

The Service entry page is mirrored (subject to slight updates) on .

That, plus this blog (which is also still subject to updates) and links/references therein will form seeds of documentation.

Thanks again to everyone.

Angelo Pio Rossi