What is PlanetServer

PlanetServer is a component (“Service”) of the EU-funded EarthServer project (http://earthserver.eu) aimed at serving and analyzing planetary data online, mainly through Web Coverage Processing Service WCPS. Currently the focus of PlanetServer is on hyperspectral imaging and topographic data, but more applications are possible. User interest and community feedback (see links below) could serve as input and drive some of them, to a certain extent. Moreover, PlanetServer could help in collaborative data analysis, being able to share planetary data hosted on a database server and querying them from a web client through any supported web browser.

Service access & Further info

PlanetServer web site & classic client

PlanetServer “Neo” Client

PlanetServer MARSIS Client (in cooperation with INAF)

PlanetServer Tutorial
(old tutorial onĀ http://planetserver.jacobs-university.de/tutorial/tutorial.pdf)

PlanetServer Wiki (work in progress)

PlanetServer User Group

PlanetServer on GitHub

PlanetServer on Vimeo (with EarthServer)

PlanetServer on Youtube

Main EarthServer Project URL


Planetary Science at Jacobs University

Publications and talks

Oosthoek,J.H.P, J. Flahaut, A.P. Rossi, P. Baumann, D. Misev, P. Campalani, V. Unnithan (2013) PlanetServer: Innovative Approaches for the Online Analysis of Hyperspectral Satellite Data from Mars, Advances in Space Research, accepted, doi: 10.1016/j.asr.2013.07.002. link to preprint

Oosthoek, J. H. P., Flahaut, J., Rossi, A. P., Baumann, P., Misev, D., Campalani, P., Unnithan, V. (2013) Planetserver: towards online analysis of integrated planetary data. Lunar Planet. Sci. XVIV, #2523 link

Rossi, A. P., Oosthoek, J., Baumann, P., Hare, T. (2013) [Getting] Big data from Planetary Science and Exploration and the EarthServer/PlanetServer approach. XLDB Europe Workshop, CERN, Switzerland link

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Cantini, F, Rossi, A. P., Orosei, R., Baumann. P., Misev, D., Oosthoek, J., Beccati, A., Campalani, P., Unnithan, V. (2014) MARSIS data and simulation exploited using array databases: PlanetServer/EarthServer for sounding radars. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 16, EGU2014-3784 link

Privacy and cookies

PlanetServer follows the privacy policy of Jacobs University. The Service URL and this blog might use cookies, solely for providing access statistics to EU for reporting purposes. No personal data are being collected.