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PlanetServer @FOSS4G Europe

PlanetServer & other fellow services of EarthServer will be at the forthcoming FOSS4G Europe conference. More info on:


Pasted from the link above, the program of the workshop:

  • Welcome (5′)
  • Technical presentations (60′)
    • OGC Big Data Standards: WCS, WCPS [Peter Baumann, JUB] (20’)
    • EarthServer architecture for geospatial big data [Peter Baumann, JUB/RAS] (20’)
    • Integrated Data and Metadata Retrieval [Peter Baumann, JUB/RAS and James Passmore, BGS on behalf of ATHENA] (20’)
    • Question and Answers (15’)
  • Break (10’)
  • Service demonstrations (60′)
    • Geology Service demo [James Passmore, BGS]
    • Planetary Service demo [Angelo Pio Rossi, JUB]
    • Atmospheric Service demo [Piero Campalani, JUB on behalf of MEEO]
    • Mobile clients demo [x, COMETA]
  • Open discussion (20’)
  • Wrap-up (10’)

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