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PlanetServer 101

PlanetServer 101: basics

Planetserver’s stable web client (WebGUI) basic functionalities are listed and briefly explained below

Main Interface

The main interface is a pan & zoom full screen map with an upper toolbar

Toolbar (left portion)  toolbar-left

Toolbar (right portion), containing several buttons (see below) toolbar-right


The first buttons that might provide info and help are:

@ - provides access to further sources of information (including this blog)

? – opens the tutorial PDF

Once a user pans over an area and selects a certain footprint (orange = unselected, blue = selected), a dialog for choosing the spectral range appears.


After that the main analysis set of widgets is visualized:


Analytical and query dialogs are then available


Each dialog/widget will have its own (or combined) in-depth blog post describing functionalities.

Table of Contents

It gives access to the selected data granule and each of its bands, including grayscale, RGB combinations



Provide spectral graphing capabilities, histogram, spectral library visualisation, etc.



It allows spectral calculations, band queries, and other functions.


More info

For more info, please consult the PlanetServer PDF tutorial.

Also, a screencast (and eventual more to come will be added) is available from the EarthServer Vimeo page.