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PlanetServer Touch

A touch PlanetServer client

There have been some addition to PlanetServer Web Clients. In addition to the Classic client the Neo client (also  available – for testing/backup purposes on NeoTest) and Marsis, a touch optimised version has been developed (as part of a BSc project of D. Kundel).

PlanetServer Touch has been presented at the FOSS4G Europe Conference in July 2014 (in addition to the BigData Workshop participation of PlanetServer).

The talk describing PlanetServer Touch is available here.


Among various features of the touch prototype, a new band math tool, called Band Ratio Tool (based on PML’s Band Ratio Client - GitHub) is available.

Additions and improvements include:

Load/Save of WCPS queries

It is possible to load and save (with Gist) WCPS queries on the Band Ratio Tool


Filter bands/wavelengths

A slider allows for quick filter based on wavelength (in µm) and retrieval of desired bands


The touch client code is going to be soon (August 2014) released on GitHub