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New entry web page for PlanetServer

PlanetServer has a new entry page, providing easy access to all components and features
of the Planetary Service of EarthServer.

It can be reached at http://www.planetserver.eu.


The  default client is directly reachable at http://www.planetserver.eu/classic/.

The new entry page should be visible on most devices and browsers, from desktop computers to tablet, even on a terminal (here depicted on elinks).




Direct URL access to data granules, regions & KML/Shapefile

Data Product direct URL

PlanetServer CRISM data can be accessed and analyzed directly from the address bar of any supported browser (Chrome, ~Safari):



providing access to a CRISM TRR3 data product (for naming conventions, e.g. see page 28 of 2009 CRISM users’ workshop introductory slide)

In order to make  data access and availability easier, one could also access each ingested crism data product so far, by using either a shapefile or a KML. Both are linked and available on the main PlanetServer GitHub page.

The original vector files used for creating PlanetServer-specific shp/kml derive  from the PDS Mars Orbital Data Explorer.

KML of PlanetServer CRISM products

SHP of PlanetServer CRISM products

ROI direct URL

Available regions of interest (ROI) on PlanetServer can also be accessed directly knowing the name of the feature, e.g. as



with gale indicating Gale Crater direct URL

or. e.g.

gangesGanges Chasma direct URL

capriCapri Chasma direct URL

juventaeJuventae Chasma direct URL