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This is the welcome post for PlanetServer (Planetary Service of EarthServer).

Posts on this blog will be either general announcements (e.g. service downtime, new data ingestion, new functionalities, or alike) or specific topics, such as tutorial bits, scientific use cases, guest posting from partners and colleagues.

What you can do with PlanetServer is essentially data exploration and analysis online, focusing currently on CRISM hyperspectral data (coverage and regional focus to increase). It is actually not an archive, such as existing PDS or PSA, but a tool/environment to collaboratively work on higher-level data online, through web standards.

All relevant info is contained in the About page. Contacts, including social media ones, are listed in the Contacts page.

For more details on the overall architecture and current (updated at ~Spring 2013) capabilities, please look at the 2013 ASR paper (also pdf linked on the About page).

Start exploring PlanetServer.